Have you heard of Soap Berries?

Warning, do not take internally!

Tired of  commercial detergents which contain contain chemical surfactants,? Some of which (such as 1,2-Dioxane have been shown to be carcinogenic and volatile. But soap berries (AKA Soap Nuts) are all-natural and have been used for centuries around the world.

Soap Berries contain saponin which are a class of chemical compounds found in particular abundance in various plant species. More specifically, they are amphipathic glycosides grouped phenomenologically by the soap-like foaming they produce when shaken in aqueous solutions, and structurally by having one or more hydrophilic glycoside moieties combined with a lipophilic triterpene derivative.[1][2].  (Courtesy of Wikipedia) 

You can dry out the soap berries place six of them in a muslin bag and toss in washer.( It can be reused approx six times.


You can also crush  the dried Soap Berries into a fine powder and mix with water. Use this to replace all your store bought detergents, shampoos, soaps and scouring powders which are toxic.

How to Grow Soap Berries:

The soap nut tree (Sapindus Mukorossi) gets very large.


Soapnutn tree.jpg

and must be grown in frost free climates. It takes about ten years for it to produce fruit from seed. An alternative would be to buy  online or your local health store. You would be surprised how much money you would save verse store bought cleaners.

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I agree with this. Too many people get stuck into the trap of pharmaceuticals with side effects. I firmly believe that for every ailment GOD has given us a safe and natural cure. Wholesome natural foods are the key to prevention.


All About Healthy Choices

death-and-doctorsDeath is a REALITY that may culminate WITH or WITHOUT doctor intervention. Whether a medical doctor prescribes or withholds a prescription, the end result may be DEATH. If a surgeon chooses to perform a surgical procedure or chooses to abstain, the patient may DIE either way. If a chiropractic physician chooses to perform a spinal adjustment or chooses to abstain, the patient may DIE as a result.

Explaining “WHY” the patient passed can sometimes be difficult due to the complexity of the human body and the various factors that influence outcomes. In many cases, the answers are NOT simply CAUSE and EFFECT. Lifestyle, genetics and environment are three factors that can greatly compromise therapeutic treatments meant to improve the quality of life. Unfortunately, this means that QUALITY THERAPEUTIC TREATMENTS can still result in DEATH.

The public, however, has a right to honest credible information regarding unfortunate outcomes…

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How to make a poultice from plants.

Wow, I didn’t realize so many people do not know how to make a poultice.

How to make a poultice:

Take any dried or fresh plant grind up in a blender or food processor. Pour scalding hot water over it , let cool and stir into a paste. Voila, you have a poultice

Use cheesecloth or cotton cloth as long as it is sterile and not too thick(you don’t want it to absorb the moisture from the poultice). Place poultice in the wrap and place where you want it.

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Essential Oil of the Day – Cypress


Oil source:
Twigs, stem and needles.

General description:
The plant offers great medicinal benefits to keep a person safe from various illnesses. Young twigs, stem and needles are used to extract the oil. Steam distillation process is applied to get the oil.

Benefits of the oil:
The oil works as a great sedative. Improves the quality of sleep in a person. Helps to ensure good condition of the liver and lungs. Helps a person to increase the frequency and volume of urination.

How to apply: 

Oral intake, Inhalation, diffusion and dilution are common application techniques.

Medical information:

Do not use this oil during pregnancy as it is highly sedative.

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