How to make a tincture from plants.

A tincture is a liquid substance extracted from plants to use as medicine. Can be used topically or internally depending on the plant.

The roots, flowers and stems are also dried and made into a tincture. To make a tincture for internal use, you need a  menstruum(a liquid used to dissolve the organic material). The menstruum can be alcohol, apple cider vinegar, or vegetable glycerine. A good rule of thumb for beginners is, “When in doubt, use drinking alcohol(such as vodka).” a pint jar and labels.

Place the dried roots,flowers and stems in the jar cover with the menstruum (usually 60% menstruum 40 % plant) put the lid on and label with the date.

Let stand for 4 to 6 weeks then use a cheesecloth, strain the liquid and discard the material. TaDa you now have a tincture.


Watch the videos on my website.

Hope this helps, until later your friend Bill.

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Bill Silbaugh

I have always used alternative medicines and have recently started learning and using essential oils. I am trying to change the health of the world one person at a time.

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