Health Benefits of Scabiosa

Here is another plant from Gems Jardin

 Scabiosa Succisa:

Herbal Remedies and Medicinal Uses of Scabious:

—Scabious is very effectual in the cure of coughs, shortness of breath, and all other diseases of the breast and lungs, digesting and expectorating cold phlegm. Etmuller extols it for “Asthma and Pleurisy, and inward ab­scesses, ulcers, and imposthumes. The decoction purifies the blood, and taken inwardly, and used as a wash externally, it is a first-rate remedy for cutaneous eruptions. Some make the decoction in wine. The green herb bruised and applied to any carbuncle or sore, is found by certain experience to dissolve and break it in three hours. The decoction removes pains and stitches in the side. The juice or decoction drank, takes away scabs and breakings out of the itch. The juice made into an ointment is effectual for the same purpose. The dried root given in powder, promotes sweat, and is beneficial in fevers. By its astringency it tends to heal all inward wounds. A syrup made of the juice and sugar, or honey has the same effect. The decoction of the herb and roots outwardly applied, reduces hard or cold swellings, and relieves shrunk sinews or veins, and it heals green wounds and sores. The juice of Scabious, with the powder of Borax and Samphire, cleanses the skin of the face, or other parts of the body, from freckles, pimples, morphew and leprosy. The head washed with the warm de­coction, cleanses it from scurf, sores, dandruff, and itch.( Excerpt from a place I love).

Simply amazing .

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