Essential Oil of the Day – Marjoram

Oil source:
Fresh and dried leaves of the plant.

General description:

The oil is highly sedative and antiviral. It is collected from the fresh and dried leaves of the plant. Steam distillation process is followed to get the oil. It has rich components. This also has the similar benefits that we get from the wild plant.

Benefits of the oil:

The oil helps to keep the brain healthy and active. This is a great relaxant and can remove stress from any person. The oil improves the blood circulation of a person and also helps them to get rid of toxins. Protects wounds from infection.  Improves the nervous system.

How to apply:

Diffusion, inhalation and direct application technique are followed.

Medical information:

This oil does not have any issue, but pregnant women should still leave it alone.

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Published by

Bill Silbaugh

I have always used alternative medicines and have recently started learning and using essential oils. I am trying to change the health of the world one person at a time.

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