Are you coping with depression?

Essential Oils for depression? During the past few weeks I have delved into the deep dark recesses of several types of depression and did not come out unscathed. My heart is aching for those among us who are suffering from the effects of depression. For those of us who have never experienced the stages of Depression it is hard to understand. You cannot say to a depressed person “just think happy thoughts or cheer up” It doesn’t work. Most depressed people don’t realize they are depressed.

Antidepressants have their own side effects:

On the brighter side There  is hope for those of you suffering from depression but, before I begin a little warning to never stop taking your meds unless under the supervision of your doctor.

According to the Holistic Depression Coach and several studies I’ve read the major causes of depression are chemical imbalances in your body. 

I would recommend taking the Lifelong Vitality Pack  for 30 days along with diffusing Lavender Essential Oil and Bliss Essential Oil.  

Also visit these sites to exhilarate, distract and entertain your senses:

Until later your friend Bill